About 'Touched by an Angel' - Zimbabwe hospitals revival

Hi, my name is Judith Olonga and I truly thank you for passing by our cause. I am from Zimbabwe and I am a working nurse who worked in United Bulawayo Hospitals ( UBH ) for many years prior to settling in the UK.  After witnessing the gradual deterioration of Hospital standards on my trips back home, due to the severe economic hardship in Zimbabwe, I have taken it upon myself to make a difference . I have, I believe, an achievable goal to rejuvenate the care of many patients in Zimbabwe because so many are suffering and dying needlessly from preventable and treatable medical conditions. I am hoping that this website will enable us to work together to give Zimbabwean patients a fighting chance.

Drop me a note to say hi, or leave a comment and we would be pleased to engage with you and answer any enquiries. CONTACT

We do hope to partner with you in fund raising and equipment procurement. Please look around our site and if you are moved to do so please donate to this exciting cause so we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable patients.